Double Glazed Windows in Harrogate

Double Glazed Windows in Harrogate

Double Glazed Windows in Harrogate

If you’re looking for the best double glazed windows in Harrogate then look no further than Select Products.

Our double glazed windows are supplied by Synseal, who specialise in the Synerjy double glazed window range.

The Synerjy Window System

The Synerjy profile is considered the best on the market, thanks to its versatility in style, design and energy efficiency.

With a winning combination of innovative technology, curb appeal and optimum security, our double glazed windows are a first class item at Select Products.

Our company only supplies the best which means you benefit from high quality windows.

High Security Windows in Harrogate

Each double glazed window in Harrogate comes witha superior shootbolt locking system that is specifically designed to keep unwanted intruders at bay.

UPVC Double Glazed Windows in Harrogate

Our UPVC double glazed windows are available in tilt and turn , casement and sliding sash styles.

Innovative, efficient and secure, our UPVC double glazed windows are designed to complement a wide range of properties, from traditional to contemporary.

Low E Planitherm Glass

Our energy efficient UPVC double glazed windows contain Loe E argon filled Planitherm glass.

Planitherm is Europe’s first choice for high performance low-emissivity glass.

Our windows utilise the latest technology and advancements in thermal glass coating.

Specifically designed to minimise heat loass within your property, our Planitherm glass windows will keep you interior warm and comfortable during the winter months.

Our UPVC casement windows come in a wide choice of styles and colours allowing you to tailor your new double glazing to the style and character of your home.

UPVC Tilt & Turn Windows

Select Products offer a quality selection of UPVC Tilt and Turn windows available in Harrogate.

These windows provide a modern alternative to the standard casement windows, as they come with additional features that may prove an advantage to any residential or commercial property.

The tilt and turn function allows the windows to be easily cleaned from the inside and are perfect of high rise properties where access to the outside is difficult.

Find out more about our tilt and turn windows.

UPVC Casement Windows

Our UPVC casement windows allow for single-hand operation making them very easy to use.  These windows are commonly installed in hard to reach places within the home such as in the kitchen. Their sash pivot enables them to open wide so they also double up as great emergency exits too.

Their versatility doesn’t stop there. Our UPVC casement windows are extremely energy efficient. Their sash presses tightly against the frame upon closing, creating an air tight seal.

Practical, stylish and efficient. Learn more about our casement windows.

UPVC Sliding Sash Windows

These energy efficient alternatives to traditional sash windows, combine high UPVC technology with everlasting style.

When you choose our UPVC sliding sash windows you benefit from a traditional aesthetic and low maintenance design. These windows will maintain the classic appearance of your home and will never rot or warp.

Find out more about our attractive, durable and efficient sliding sash windows.

 Double Glazed Window Prices

With competitive prices guaranteed, our double glazed windows are suitable for all homes and budgets.

You can easily calculate the cost of your new windows within a few easy clicks. Simple click on our online quoting engine to find out just how affordable your new double glazed window

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